Csepel Metall Vasöntöde Kft.


Our applications won


The application of VEKOP -1.2.6-20-2020-01421, which provided 70% of the contracted support of HUF 53.67 million the Csepel Metall Vasöntöde Kft. 

Completion of the project 23/08/2021.


The development of iron foundry technology is the Csepel Metall Iron Foundry Limited Liability Company


VEKOP -1.2.6-20-2020-01421 competition

During the implementation of the project, we aimed to strengthen our future market position and increase operational safety

With the LINDE H 50 D, we only supply liquid cast iron, ensuring continuous production.

The use of the CREAFORM Matrascan 750 optical 3D measuring instrument has greatly increased our customers' confidence in our products. We can check the dimensions and shape fidelity of the manufactured products.

Expanding the capacity of the HC-2500 blasting machine has made it possible to clean castings that we have not been able to do so far. These are usually castings of large size and therefore high weight.

Our software developments also strengthen our quality assurance system. These software programs provide mechanical and fabric inspection and evaluation of our castings. These are state-of-the-art evaluation software that can eliminate human error.


Purchase of a LINDE H 50 D diesel 5 tonne forklift.

The truck is used to transport it from the liquid cast iron smelter to the casting site.


Replacement of HC 2500 blasting machine lifting equipment. The old lifting equipment was replaced with new KONECRANES lifts with a load capacity of 5 tons.




ZEN Core software is able to evaluate the fabric structure, determine the shape and size distribution of the fabric structure elements as a percentage of the area.

The Zen module is also capable of determining the particle size and area of multiphase samples and detecting porosity.

INSTRON breaker software update

Bluehill Universal is INSTRON's state-of-the-art, high-end material testing and product testing application software package that meets the development needs of apps.

CREAFORM MetraSCAN 750 optical 3D measuring system

The easy-to-use scanner ensures that measurement tasks can be completed quickly. Thanks to the passive reflecting points, the piece to be measured can be measured around without further calibration. The measuring range can be extended with a minimum deterioration in accuracy (0.15 mm / m).

The MetraSCAN system is suitable for scanning glossy surfaces without the use of treatment, dusting or spraying, which saves a lot of time in the production process of large parts.

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